SDM 996 4WD Controller


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Speed Density Motorsports presents a 4WD controller for the 911 996 Turbo and Carrera 4/4s models. This Speed Density Motorsports 4WD controller will enhance the driver feedback and performance for street cars, and will increase traction in track cars and drag cars. 


Porsche designed the 911 996 Turbo and Carrera 4/4s models with a permanent all wheel drive system. This system is a RWD configuration with an assisted FWD. According to our testing, the factory all wheel drive system transfers as little as 9% to the front wheels. With a horsepower rating of 415hp for turbo models, that works out to be only 35hp! You will quickly find the limit of traction due to the lack of power being transferred to the front wheels when increasing power and driving aggressively in the 996 Turbo and Carrera 4/4s models.


The Speed Density Motorsports 4WD controller utilizes an electromagnetic clutch. Our electromagnetic center differential offers multiple benefits over the 996 all wheel drive system. The 996 all wheel drive system, which previously could only transfer as little as 9%, can now transfer up to 50% of the power to the front wheels with our 4WD controller! On a stock 996 turbo 415hp vehicle that works out to a little over 200hp! This electromagnetic center differential installs into the front differential and takes the place of the factory viscous coupler. Because it uses an electromagnetic control, the ECU can now control the power output to the front wheels from a range of 0% (2WD) up to 50% (4WD). The original permanent all wheel system can now be upgraded with modern technology to allow the end user to operate in 2WD and four wheel drive with full control over how much power is being transferred to the front wheels.

Key benefits.

-Allows vehicle to be 2WD or 4WD with progressive output to front drive wheels

-Allows variable power output to front drive wheels to maximize traction and car balance when corning, fully programmable

-Allows vehicle to be tuned on a 2WD Dyno (we recommend pulling the driveshaft prior to prolonged dyno sessions)


*Please allow 8-14 weeks for production of gears and assembly. Requires standalone ECU such as ProEFI, Syvecs or Motec for operation.

International orders require direct bank transfer, no exceptions!


Stay tuned and check back with us for the following!

-A standalone electronic box for control of our electromagnetic center differential.

-Front differential limited slip options.

-Upgraded front differential ring and pinions.




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